Kayak/Canoe Competition

muskoka-kayak-logo-colour-transparent-back-100If you want to take your paddling to the next level, Muskoka Kayak School is the place to do it.

We want to get people paddling for recreation, but we also realize that some people thrive on competition. There are many forms of paddle sport ranging from long distance canoe and kayak races, to whitewater play-boating.

Here at Muskoka Kayak School, we take all forms of paddle sport seriously.  We aim to cater for all forms of both canoe and kayak whether it is in the form of coaching, organizing or supporting events.

Muskoka Kayak School focuses on the following paddle sport disciplines:

Canoe and Kayak Marathon Racing

There are some awesome long distance paddle sport races in the Muskoka area – Muskoka River X – Big East River X – Great Muskoka Paddling Experience.

Great Muskoka Paddling Experience
Great Muskoka Paddling Experience

Paddling such distances requires great dedication, both during the event and in the training leading up to the event. Using the best equipment for your level of skill and knowing how to use that equipment most efficiently is vital to racing well and to getting maximum enjoyment from your paddling experience.

How to choose a good racing line on a river, race tactics, wash hanging and efficient paddling technique are skills that can be taught and will greatly improve your performance.

We can offer coaching specific to your skill and knowledge level, with special focus on the demands of these races whether you are paddling canoe or kayak. Contact us about how we can help you achieve your goal!



Whitewater Slalom is an Olympic event and has a large following around the world. Muskoka Kayak School has links and support from the Canadian National Team and their coaching staff and offers coaching that can progress you to National and International level competition.

We can offer introductory sessions on our flat water gates here in Muskoka. Whitewater sessions are held at the Pan-Am Games Whitewater Slalom site in Minden; the Minden Wild Water Preserve.

If you do not have your own Slalom canoe or kayak we can provide you with one. We have single and double canoes and single kayaks available for use. Please feel free to call if you want to try one of these boats.

We will be holding our own slalom event during 2016 at Port Sydney. More details to follow.


Kayak Polo

France protect the ball from GermanyKayak Polo, also referred to Canoe Polo abroad, is similar to the game of Water Polo, but played in kayaks. It is a fast paced game that is a contact sport, at the elite level.

Here at Muskoka Kayak School we have adapted the rules to make it a more beginner friendly game. Our goals are lower than the standard goals and as such are great for all ages to use. The rules have also been modified to make the game less physical.

We play Polo both in swimming pools and outside on lakes and rivers. The game is an ideal way of learning all of the skills of kayaking without the drudgery of more old school teaching methods! Maneuvering your kayak and staying upright, combined with the need to catch and throw a ball makes this a fantastic game that will have you improving your skills without even realizing it!

We hope to run both school and corporate events in the future. At present we play Polo during our Winter pool sessions and on our Friday night sessions at Indian Landing, Port Sydney, in the summer.

Come along and join us.  It really is a great, fun sport 🙂