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Whitewater kayaing

muskoka-kayak-logo-colour-transparent-back-100Paddle Canada – River Kayak Program

The Paddle Canada River Kayak program includes nationally recognized certifications in four skill levels and four Instructor levels. Certifications are earned during participation in courses.

A new whitewater kayaker would begin instruction at the Introduction to Kayaking Level, concentrating on kayak fundamentals before moving on to a mastery of the skills required for safe and enjoyable whitewater experiences. To get the most out of your whitewater adventures, come and experience the Paddle Canada River Kayak program for yourself.

Paddlers are also taught the Leave No Trace principles for active environmental awareness and protection in order to help ensure that we can all continue to enjoy Canada’s many waterways and wilderness for years to come.

Muskoka Kayak School can offer the following Skill Level courses –