What’s planned for 2017






Adult Kayak Polo (Huntsville Pool) – Friday night sessions in May. Both Ladies and Mixed programs.


Children’s Camps – Both day and half day camps will be held throughout the summer weeks. Your child will learn the basic essentials of kayaking and will experience a number of different kayaking activities, including Slalom racing, Kayak Polo, and kayak tripping.   Camps will take place in Port Sydney and and are suitable for ages 5 up.

Slalom Races – We will be organizing 3 slalom races, a season opener in June, main event in July, and our end of season Cookie Race in September. Races are open to all ages and abilities. You can race in any boat you wish Canoe or Kayak, double or single.

Kayak Polo (Outdoor) – Friday night is our adult and youth Kayak Polo night. All abilities are welcome to come and play. You can bring your own kayak or borrow one of ours.

Children’s Club Night  – Our Friday Night club session offers children the opportunity to paddle together in a social setting. Each week there is a different focus for the session ranging from exploration to races to just plain silly fun!

Club Training Night – Wednesday night is our serious training night. The focus of sessions will be on building skills and kayaking fitness. Sessions will be geared towards the needs of the group but will be aimed at building skills for competition and whitewater paddling. All sessions will comprise of training on gates, but other skills such as rolling and moving water skills will also be practiced. These sessions are only for those who really want to improve their skills.